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As the wind rushes through your hair and the sun warms your face, there’s a sense of freedom and joy that comes with riding a bicycle. Unfortunately, even the most cautious cyclists can find themselves involved in accidents that can instantly shatter that sense of freedom.

In the blink of an eye, that serenity can be shattered by a sudden collision or a careless driver’s mistake. The result? Painful injuries, emotional turmoil, and a sense of vulnerability that lingers long after the accident

At Hammond Law Firm LLC, we understand the profound impact that bicycle accidents can have on your life. We know that the physical pain, medical expenses, and the emotional toll can feel overwhelming.

That’s why our compassionate team of bicycle accident lawyers is here to offer you unwavering support and legal guidance. We will support & fight for your rights and guide you on the path to recovery. Together, we can seek justice and obtain the compensation you deserve.

Contact us today for a free consultation and take the first step towards healing and reclaiming your peace of mind.

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Our Practice Areas Cover

  • Personal Injury :Seeking compensation for injuries sustained in bicycle accidents, such as medical expenses and pain and suffering.
  • Wrongful Death :Assisting families in pursuing legal action and compensation after a fatal bicycle accident.
  • Insurance Claims:Managing the complex process of filing and negotiating insurance claims on behalf of bicycle accident victims.
  • Bicycle Product Liability :Addressing cases involving defective bicycle components or designs that contributed to the accident.
  • Municipal Liability:Pursuing claims against municipalities or government entities for hazardous road conditions or inadequate infrastructure.
  • Comparative Fault Analysis:Assessing the degree of fault of all parties involved in the accident and navigating the comparative fault system in Louisiana.

We also offer confidential consultations, legal guidance, and full case reviews to establish the ‘at-fault’ party’s hand in your suffering and to secure you the compensation you deserve in Louisiana. Please contact us for prompt justice!

What Are the Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents in Louisiana?

For cyclists, riding a bicycle is an exhilarating experience that offers a sense of freedom and a connection to their surroundings.

However, the unfortunate reality is that bicycle accidents can occur, often leaving riders with serious injuries and emotional distress stemming from the following causes.

  • Motorist Negligence
  • Dooring Accidents
  • Failure to Observe Bicycle Lanes
  • Impaired Driving
  • Poor Road Conditions
  • Door Zone Bike Lane Hazards
  • Left-Turn Accidents

At Hammond Law Firm, LLC, we understand bicycle accident victims’ challenges. We are here to provide compassionate support and legal guidance. Let us help you understand the common causes of bicycle accidents and explore your options for seeking justice and compensation.

What Are Some Common Injuries Sustained in Bicycle Accidents?

Given that a bicycle is fragile and lacks a sturdy chassis with protective shielding, any traffic accident can be catastrophic for the bicyclist. Here are some of the injuries one may sustain as a victim following an accident.

  1. Head Injuries (including concussions & TBIs)
  2. Fractures and Broken Bones
  3. Soft Tissue Injuries (such as muscle sprains, strains, and road rash)
  4. Spinal Cord Injuries
  5. Road Rash
  6. Internal Injuries
  7. Facial Injuries (including fractures, lacerations, and dental injuries)
  8. Psychological Trauma

Bicycle accident injuries can be physically painful and emotionally and financially burdensome. The road to recovery may seem daunting, but you don’t have to face it alone. We understand the challenges bicycle accident victims face. We are here to support you every step of the way.

Contact us today for a free and thorough case review & legal guidance on the specifics of your case.

What Complications Can Arise In Determining the At-Fault Party in A Bicycle Accident?

Establishing liability in bicycle accidents can sometimes be challenging, as it requires a thorough investigation of the accident’s circumstances. Victims are often also subject to bias & prejudice as bicyclists, so that can further complicate the process, hence the need for capable New Orleans bicycle accident lawyers.

To be on the safe side, here are a few things you should expect when presenting your case.

  1. Conflicting Testimonies:

Different parties involved in the accident may provide conflicting accounts of what happened, making it challenging to establish a clear picture of the events leading up to the bicycle accident.

  1. Lack of Witnesses:

In some cases, there may be a lack of independent witnesses who can provide reliable testimony about the accident.

  1. Disputed Versions of Events:

The parties involved may have different interpretations of how the accident occurred, such as opinions on who had the right of way, who was following traffic laws, or who was acting negligently.

  1. Insufficient Evidence:

In some situations, there may be a lack of concrete evidence, such as video footage, photographs, or other documentation, to establish the exact sequence of events and assign fault.

  1. Complexity of Traffic Laws:

Bicycle accident cases often involve intricate interpretations of traffic laws, including right-of-way rules and specific bicycle regulations. Determining how these laws apply to a particular situation can complicate determining fault.

  1. Comparative Fault:

Louisiana follows a comparative fault system. where fault can be assigned to multiple parties involved in an accident. This means that the percentage of fault can be divided among the parties based on their contributions to the accident.

Given the circumstances, it is wise to consult with experienced bicycle accident attorneys who understand the nuances of Louisiana law. At Hammond Law Firm LLC, our lawyers can conduct a thorough investigation, gather evidence, consult authorities if necessary, and build a strong case to establish liability and help you secure the compensation you deserve.

Schedule a free consultation & a full case review at the earliest opportunity!

Facing Issues as A Bicycle Accident Victim? We Can Assist!

Among biases, the following can become quite a frustrating barrier to justice unless you have our reliable & compassionate New Orleans bicycle accident lawyers to assist in your case.

Further factors are somewhat legal nuances derived from Louisiana Civil Code that may be difficult for a layperson to comprehend. These nuances further strengthen the need for legal assistance in New Orleans.

  1. Insurance coverage challenges:

Issues with insurance coverage, policy limits, or disputes with insurance companies can complicate the claims process.

  1. Statute of limitations:

Each state has specific time limits within which a victim must file a lawsuit to seek compensation. In Louisiana, the time limit is one year for personal injuries.

  1. Complex legal procedures:

Navigating the legal process, including filing documents, gathering evidence, and meeting deadlines, can be challenging without legal assistance.

  1. Disputed liability:

Determining fault in a bicycle accident can be complex, especially if there are conflicting accounts of the incident.

  1. Severe injuries:

Serious injuries resulting from a bicycle accident may require extensive medical treatment and evaluation, impacting the compensation amount.

  1. Negotiations with insurance companies:

Negotiating a fair settlement with insurance companies can be difficult without the assistance of a skilled attorney.

Seeking the help of an experienced bicycle accident attorney can help in overcoming these challenges and ensure fair compensation for the victim. At Hammond Law Firm, LLC, our bicycle accident lawyers cut no corners in seeking rightful compensation & justice for bicycle accident victims, regardless of the nuances.

Contact us at the earliest opportunity for a free case review & a non-binding consultation to get you back on track to recovery!

How to Deal with Wrongful Death in Louisiana Bicycle Accidents 

No amount of indemnification can undo the tragedy of a bicycle accident that results in death. Unfortunately, wrongful deaths do occur due to careless or negligent behavior on the part of motorists, and families often struggle to cope with the emotional & financial burden it places upon them.

If you have lost a family member in a bicycle accident caused by another party’s negligence, we can help you recover these damages. Our experienced bicycle accident attorneys will work hard to ensure justice is served and your family receives the compensation you deserve.

Have faith in our diligent & dedicated New Orleans bicycle accident lawyers to fight for what is right for you and your loved ones. Contact us today for prompt legal guidance, case review, and unwavering legal assistance & representation!

What To Do in A Wrongful Death Case Following a Bicycle Accident

Under Louisiana law, surviving family members may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, funeral costs, and damages related to the loss of companionship or income they have suffered due to their loved one’s death.

Here is what you can do to further a fruitful & rightful resolution of a bicycle accident wrongful death case.

  1. Seek Legal Assistance:Contact an experienced wrongful death attorney well-versed in bicycle accident law.
  2. Preserve Evidence:Gather and preserve relevant evidence, including photos, witness statements, and accident reports.
  3. Notify Authorities:Report the accident to the appropriate authorities to create an official record.
  4. Gather Documentation:Collect essential documents like medical records and autopsy reports.
  5. Determine Liability:Investigate the circumstances to identify parties responsible for the wrongful death.
  6. File a Wrongful Death Claim:Seek compensation for damages through a wrongful death claim.
  7. Litigation:Pursue a wrongful death lawsuit if a fair settlement cannot be reached.

At Hammond Law Firm, LLC, our bicycle accident attorneys understand the nuances of bicycle accident & wrongful death claims and are here to support you every step of the way.

Our attorneys will provide compassionate guidance and legal representation, so don’t hesitate to contact us today for a free consultation & case review. Let us help you seek the justice and compensation you deserve.

Why Do You Need a New Orleans Bicycle Accident Lawyer?

When you’ve been involved in a bicycle accident, navigating the legal complexities and seeking fair compensation can be overwhelming. That’s where a skilled bicycle accident attorney in Louisiana can make all the difference. With their understanding, they can protect your rights, guide you through the legal process, and fight to secure the compensation you deserve.

  1. Legal Knowledge & Experience:

Our Louisiana bicycle accident attorneys are proficient in this area of law, bringing in-depth knowledge and experience to handle your case effectively. They understand the nuances of state and local laws, insurance policies, and liability issues specific to bicycle accidents.

  1. Investigations:

A lawyer will conduct a thorough investigation into the accident, gathering evidence such as accident reports, witness statements, medical records, and any available surveillance footage. They will work to establish liability and build a strong case on your behalf.

  1. Negotiation with Insurance Companies:

Dealing with insurance companies can be challenging, as they may try to minimize their liability or offer inadequate settlements. An experienced bicycle accident lawyer will negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf, seeking fair compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain & suffering, and other damages.

  1. Trial Representation:

A bicycle accident lawyer is prepared to take your case to trial if a fair settlement cannot be reached. They will advocate for your rights in court, presenting evidence, cross-examining witnesses, and arguing your case to seek the maximum compensation possible.

At Hammond Law Firm, LLC, we have the resources and skills to handle bicycle accident cases of any complexity. Our knowledgeable attorneys provide personalized service and compassionate legal representation & guidance for victims of bicycle accidents in New Orleans & throughout Louisiana.

Contact us today to schedule a free case review & consultation to discuss your legal options! We are here to help you fight for fair compensation & justice.

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When you’ve been injured in a bicycle accident, having a dedicated legal advocate by your side can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. Our bicycle accident attorneys in Louisiana will provide the support, guidance, and legal knowledge necessary to navigate the complexities of your claim and pursue justice on your behalf.

Don’t face the aftermath of a bicycle accident alone – reach out to a trusted lawyer who will fight for your rights and help you rebuild your life.

At Hammond Law Firm, LLC, we understand the challenges and legal complexities faced by bicycle accident victims in Louisiana and have the experience & dedication required to fight for your rights & seek justice on your behalf.

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